Monday, December 15, 2008

Bel- vitals

Belfrey "Bel" Nix Chordata

Name meaning:

"belfry" (where "Belfrey" is derived)
1: a bell tower ; especially : one surmounting or attached to another structure
2: a room or framework for enclosing a bell

1: Nyx- in Greek mythology, the primordial goddess of the night
2: a shortening of German nichts (for nothing)
3: a natural satellite of Pluto
4: noun- a quantity of no importance; verb- command against
5: a water creature in German and Scandinavian folklore

- a phylum including "chordates" - animals vertebrates and closely related invertebrates; this phylum includes humanity

Age: 20
Birthdate: January 30 *(assumed birthday, being an abandoned orphan makes true birthdate unknown)
Height: 5'9" (177.8 cm)
Weight: 135 lb (61.2 kilograms)
Build: Slim but healthy
Hair color: long, brownish red
Eye color: red
Distinguishing marks: none
Shoe size: 7 1/2
Voice: Ever so slightly lighter than average pitch, no affectations

Favorite color: orange
Favorite food: plantain chips
Favorite drink: pomegranate flavored fizzy soda
Favorite book genre: modern fantasy / average folk with extraordinary circumstances
Favorite music: has a fondness for classical

Hobbies: jogging from 5 to 5:45 am from his apartment to a store selling "the best motherfucking water in hell, robbed straight from heaven's gates" and back again, feeding stray cats in the park at night, watching stars
Talents: writing "profoundly shitty poetry" (his description), "drawing like a mentally incapacitated man-child" (again his description)
Hopes: to move out of the slums and become a semi-famous poet with a cult following
Fears: finally realizing that his life has no meaning

Recurring dreams: standing in pitch black room with someone embracing him from the back- not an uncomfortable dream, but disconcerting

Friends: Rick, Cheryl, Donovan
Yearning: Calliope "Callie" Song
Enemies: none, though the guy who sells the water at the store he stops by in the morning is irritated that Bel does not buy anything else from the convenience store

Personality summary: Generally amicable though trusts no one to pry into himself too deeply, witty but far too polite to insult anyone out loud. Can crack a rude joke, shame he doesn't go to any parties. Appears to space out in conversations but when roused can recall everything that has been said. Finds crying a little odd and useless, since it does nothing to contribute to the situation but a stuffy nose and itchy eyes. In place of crying, stares at walls or ceilings until he cannot see aforementioned walls or ceilings.

Secret: He finds being touched slightly uncomfortable, though not painful.